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"We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path for financial success and we stand ready to work with them in all areas of financial planning."

What we do


Project & program remediation

We coach and guide and project back to delivery and success on all levels.

Progression Management

Achieve big number cost reductions by helping to remove process waste.

Change management

 We guide, coach and guide organizations on their change journeys. 

ERP & Project PMO

We run your PMO office for your SAP ERP projects.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is based on a common understanding, fair, honest and with the customer in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available?

Yes we are. We have a intervention team ready to start within just a few hours after the initial call. Our motto:  What things go wrong -> CALL IN THE DUTCH!!

Where can I find you guys?

We work with a global team, using the latest collaboration methods of Microsoft office365. Just sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's have a chat or conference call. It's that simple.


Eindhoven, Netherlands
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

info @ thedutch.org

Mission statement


What can we do to make you successful today?

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