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Progression Management

Cost reduction by removing process waste


LEAN Management

Waste reducing projects and improvements that do not add value to the customer. We Plan, Do, Check and Adjust. 

Continuous Improvement

We coach departments, teams and management in the CI mindset. Always improving for the better, ever lasting KAI-ZEN on the organization. From Executive Coachinging to Production Coaching.  

6 Sigma

Where LEAN focusses on the waste in processes, 6 sigma has her focus on the Total quality of production. Measuring is knowing.  

Improvement Training

Our training is based upon your need and adjusted for your organisation, from LEAN Basics, to Blackbelt, from Operator to CEO.

Although many of the elements above work together very closely, we have the consultants who are specialists in each of the fields above.

Our proven method

Our consultants are MBA grade men and woman who can help your investment back on track again. We provide top of class Continuous Improvement management and operational consultancy, guaranteed to turn investments back on track.  

Business cases

T-systems International

Struggling with the vast amount of work to onboard a mayor oil and gas company, TheDutch aided the organization with CI on the work-floor, embedding the Continuous Improvement mindset in the organization.

Shell Iraq Petroleum Development

Awakening the joint ventures with the Continuous Improvement mindset based on 4 pilars of improvement; Business imperative, Inch wide, mile deep, Quick wins and Leadership support.

BAM International

Managing a tough ERP program using Visual Management and LEAN techniques to Learn, Design, Build and Rollout on a global scale. Managing corporate change for the better in leadership Coaching and with Board level support.  

TNT Logistics

Divestment preparation by european consolidation of core business processes, making the divestment merger a easy transition towards new partners. TheDutch prepared, designed and executed the protfolio of programs and projects as the silent partner.


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